Many things. The shoes are about…

  • Where you are standing. When you go to work, can you tell if you are standing in your own shoes vs. your mother’s, father’s, grandparents? BOB + BART principles make visible the impulse to seek belonging at work as a surrogate for belonging in family. Are you clear that you belong in your family?
  • The road you are traveling. We trust shoes and people who have been somewhere — experience earns our respect because wisdom comes from experience. BOB+BART principles are rooted in experiential learning and supported by theory.
  • Being comfortable in your shoes, in your own skin. Notice the absence of a name brand, e.g., Gucci, Nike, etc. This program makes visible the impulse to seek belonging in a corporation or organization as a surrogate for belonging in family. These are every person’s shoes. They reflect the history shared in the human families we all come from, with recognition that we wouldn’t be here without them.
  • Surviving the journey. Resiliency is in each one of us. It’s necessary to get through tough times. You bring history with you to your workplace, whether you are a solo practitioner or work in an organizational setting. So does everyone else. Does your relationship with the history behind you provide a sense of rootedness, support, grounding…or are you trying to run away, disconnect from, pretend it doesn’t exist?
  • Moving into the future. The shoes have been around the block a few times but they are ready to take the next step. Where are you coming from? Where do you stand? Where are you going?