BOB + BART Workshop Participants

“If you want to start your own business you should first take a BOB + BART workshop and learn about power and authority.”

“Issues of family operate in the background and will be reflected in the organization…With family we don’t have the same kind of boundaries that we do in a business.  And those boundaries are what make an organization function.”

“Kate and Lisa navigate the intersections between families and business—personal and professional—with organic grace that is grounded in deep experience and is refreshingly open to the actual flow of life and learning, as it arises.  Their BOB + BART model provides a rich field in which to explore and learn.”

“I am seeing work situations and relationships much more clearly….and I’m getting really clear that we can’t have business—or anything—without family.”

“This experience helped me better understand the components needed for leadership…I can now move forward in my work and in my life taking back my own self, power, and letting go of the habit of being a victim to the circumstances I have been experiencing/creating in my life.”

“I was surprised to hear that power comes from self, and I will be looking to see where/how I have been giving my power away and reclaim it.”

More Word-of-Mouth

“Working with Kate and Lisa has given our organization a shared perspective and language to work through many of the issues that get in the way of our work.”

— Gloria J. Sandoval, Chief Executive Officer | STAND! for families free of violence

“BART’s distinctions between power and authority, job and role have everything to do with our ability to be leaders. I’ve come to see that we cannot lead others unless we become leaders in our own lives. And we can’t become leaders in our own lives until we find our place in our family system.”

— Helen Lowe, President + Creative Catalyst | Catalytica, Inc.