Portrait of Lisa Iversen

Lisa Iversen, MSW, is one of the first practitioners of Systemic Family Constellations in the United States and author of the book, Ancestral Blueprints: Revealing Invisible Truths in America’s Soul.

Her 19 years of experience facilitating in the constellations field makes Lisa a seasoned teacher, speaker, and conference presenter. She offers numerous experiential educational programs utilizing the constellation methodology such as: Family Matters, An Embodied Dialogue with the Internalized Colonizer Series, Making Love Visible Retreat, and Facilitator Fridays. The principles of BOB+BART are used as maps (tools) to help make visible and navigate human dynamics successfully in these and other projects offered by the Center for Ancestral Blueprints.

Prior to her current practice and public engagements, Lisa was founding and principal partner in TalkWorks Consulting, a team of workplace communication specialists. She is accredited by HayMcBer/Hay Group to administer the Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI), a 360-degree multi-rater tool designed to assess the emotional competencies of individuals and organizations.

Combining her organizational experience, constellation expertise, and psychotherapeutic background, Lisa often functions as a shadow consultant to organizational professionals who are trying to unravel and understand the family dynamics, historical backgrounds, and social contexts underlying the organizational dilemmas they are trying to solve.

Lisa Iversen is the founder and director of the Center for Ancestral Blueprints, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a practicing psychotherapist. She began her psychotherapy practice at the Samaritan Center of Puget Sound.

She received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington in 1992, and undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota in Sociology, English, and Women’s Studies.